Indiana Encaustic Artist

About Encaustic
Encaustic is a painting method, also known as hot wax painting, that involves using melted beeswax. It is usually applied to a rigid, porous, surface such as wood, stone, plaster and so on, and can be reheated into a smooth or textured finish. Powered pigment and oil paint are often used to colorize the wax. Many artists use encaustic medium which is made from adding damar resin from the Dipterocarpaceae family of trees located in India and East Asia. The resin is used as a hardening and stabilizing agent for the wax.

Heat guns, torches and irons are used to manipulate the wax, and hot guns and irons are used to apply heat to bond each layer together. The wax can be reheated and reworked, and because it is impervious to moisture it will not deteriorate. Encaustic lends itself to painting and sculpture, as well as for dipping into and painting on paper. Different opaque and translucent effects are possible, and the wax can be textured, scraped and polished to a high sheen. Working in encaustic is completely, wonderfully different than any other medium.

“Life as Art” Philosophy
Photography is an art form, and it has always been a passion of Mary-Ellen’s. For more than 20 years, she has been creating art, by working and capturing, with her camera, those life moments we all cherish. Mary-Ellen has developed a truly unique and innovative process of photographic design that incorporates her background in photojournalism and a devotion to classic portraiture. This fusion of design creates a product that portrays the truth in each moment captured.

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